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Let's go straight to work here...

First thing you need to do is to register to 10 Gmail account with 10 different names these will be your 'sending platforms' - don't worry, it's very easy and will only take a few minutes each!

1: Go HERE and click on "Create an account" - go to step 2 before creating an account!

2: Go HERE and click on "Generate" and use the fake name and info to create your first gmail account - then go back to step 1 and start creating those 10 gmail accounts, - for every new gmail account you create just use a new name and info from the "Fake Name Generator" - just click "generate" and a new name and info will appear!

NOTE: Every gmail account allows you to send out 100 emails a day - meaning, if you open 10 gmail accounts you can send your targeted solo ads to 1000 prospects every day.. If you only want to send solo ads to 500 each day, you just need 5 gmail accounts - 20 accounts and you can send to 2000 a day and so on - you are in total control.. 

It will only take you about 15 minutes a day to log in to your 10 gmail accounts and send your solo ads to 1000 prospects once you get shands on it, - more on that later

Go ahead and create those 10 gmail accounts and then come back here.....

(Remember to save username and password for every gmail account you create)

Okay, - now you have created your gmail accounts - let's proceed...

Download the Lead software HERE (No #1)

Download the Social Media Leads software HERE (No #2)

Download the software and open it.. (No #1)

1: In the "Search" field at the top put in your targeted keyword or niche.

2: Click on "Yahoo" you will now see a Google search page at the right..

3: If you want leads no more than 24 hours old then click on "Search Tools" at the upper right on the search page and then click "Last 24 hours" - this will generate super fresh leads! You can leave this feature if you just want any leads..

4: Now click "Load Data" on the left side and you will see a wierd code showing up in the box below - that' normal..

5: Now click "Extract Emails" and emails will show up in the box below - if no leads are showing up just click "Load Data" again and "Extract Emails" keep doing this until no more leads are are generated in the box below - when this happened you just go to the top and click on "Hotmail" and do the same thing again and also with "MSN"

6: When no more leads are generated just click on "Save" And save all the generated leads in a txt file on your desktop.. 

If only a few leads are generated you may need to change you keyword at the top, - try with different keywords for the same niche..

Download the software and open it.. (No #2)  

1: Download and open the software..

2: In the "Keyword" field - write your niche targeted keyword

3: In the "Website" field - type in where you want the leads from, - example: or (without http:// or www.)

4: In the "Email" field - type in: - - - etc.. (with @ in front)

5: Save generated leads in txt format ready to upload and send to.. 

Okay, - let's say that you now have generated 1000 super niche targeted leads, now it's time to send your first solo ad - hang on!

1: Open and log into one of you gmail account and click on "Write email" on the upper left..

2: A box will show up.. Click on "Bcc" - then copy 100 email addresses from your saved txt file with all your generated leads..

3: Paste those 100 email addresses in the "Bcc" field and write your own email address in the "To" field right above, - this will send a copy of your solo ad to your own inbox, you will also get an email with those addresses which was undeliverable..

4: Write a headline for your solo ad in the "subject field"

5: Write your solo and in the text field area, - remember to put in your website URL or affiliate link!

6: Press "Send" and you just sent out your first solo ads to 100 SUPER NICHE TARGETED prospects!

7: Repeat that process with all your newly created gmail accounts, - when you first get a hold on it, it will only takes you a few minutes to go through all 10 gmail accounts!

That's about it, - you are now the owner of a 'Solo Ad Sending Goldmine' you can use over and over again absolutely free, - and it's 100 times better than what all the best solo ad companies has to offer!

- If you want to go even further, you can create a webpage selling SUPER TARGETED solo ads to people or pack the leads in batch of 1000 and sell them on fiverr or similar sites,- the possibilities are endless :-)

I hope you enjoy the system, - if you have any questions just contact me!

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